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Caring Easy Herbal Color Shampoo (Black,Natural Brown)

This Easy coloring white hair shampoo is very easy and convenient to use.

Size : 30 ml.

This Easy coloring white hair shampoo is very easy and convenient to use, we already include soft shampoo to wash your hair before coloring.Just tear the sachet inside the box, pour and mix two liquid solutions on your hand and  shampoo around the white hair. With herbal formulation from ginseng, olive oil, seaweed and vitamin B2, it will not damage your hair as guaranteed by association of beauty technician of Thailand.

2 available  colors.

How to use 

1. Washing your hair with Caring Soft Shampoo .Then, dry your hair until it is almost dried.

2. Wear gloves and then mix Caring easy herbal shampoo into your palms or mix in the plastic cup  until it becomes homogeneous mixture.

3. Separate hair into sections, if you coloring gray hair, apply the mixture to that area first ,Leave it 5-10minutes for normal hair and 10-20 minutes for Coarse hair.

4. Add a little bit of luke warm water,gently massage to allow mixture penetrate evenly rinse off with cold water.Towel dry and style on your hair as desire.

Be Careful : Use lotion around your face, behind your ears, and on your neck to prevent stain from the color.

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Caring Lazada.jpg
Caring Konvy.jpg
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