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A none greasy water-base gel for natural styling looks.

Size : 245 ml.

Caring Styling gel (Wet look&Glossy)

This is liquid gel with shining effect. Your hair will not only hold in style as you wish, but it also gives you shiny hair. Keeps curls soft, well-shaped, frizz-free and smooth without weighing hair down.

How to use : pour gel on palm, then style on your wet hair, pull small part of hair and rub them with fingers to create waving effect. This enhances your waves well-style look.

Caring Styling gel (Natural&Matte)

This is liquid gel which is better than simple gel in the jar that it is amazingly easy to apply for every hairstyle because it is really liquid like water.

How to use :

Matte finish : shampoo first, towel-dry, pour gel on your palm to style by your fingers or comb as your desire then leave it dry or blow dry, keep hair in place with matte finish.

Wet finish : pour gel on your palm, then style on your wet hair, style in the way you want it with wet finish.

How to use :  Put appropriate amount on the palm and apply it to the hair and set.

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