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Caring Hair Treatment

A Classic Series Hair Treatment are specially formulated with collagen and natural extracts that helps to restore moisture and gives flexibility to all hair types. Caring Classic Series is available in 4 variants to suit all hair needs and types.

Size : 100 ml. , 250 ml. , 500 ml.

Caring Treatment ORIGINAL

For all kind of hair, it contains collagen and vitamin and helps to nourish the internal structure of hair from root to tip. You can feel the softness and silkiness from first use.

Caring Treatment EGG PROTIEN

It is for bleached damaged , dry and fluffy hair.  It is full of collagen from amino acids of egg Protein that help to revitalize the hair back to silkiness and healthiness

Caring Treatment AHA

It is for  color dyed hair as well as tip broken dry hair.  It is full of collagen from all kind of fruity extracts and acids to absorb into hair and gives softness, silkiness and more hair weight.  It also prevents hair from fluffiness.

Caring Treatment  HONEY MILK PROTIEN

It is for chemical treated  hair. It contains natural collagen from milk and honey and can revitalize weak hair to be soft, silky and healthy.

How to use : Apply a generous amount of Caring Hair Treatment  from mid-length of your hair till the ends.Leave for 2 to 3 minutes, then rinse off completely.Use on a daily basis for best results.

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